Hear Me Out Before You Shut Me Out

2010 in Time

2010 has been stated in both the Wall Street Journal and Moviefone as possibly the worst year for movies, the latter pointing out how many movies have stuck to formula while others relied on 3-D technology to make a quick buck. USA Today made the observation that ticket-sales were the worst since 1996. Looking back on the year, was it the worst for Hollywood? Possibly. Producers have banked on a lot of stupid ideas such as a remake of Clash of the Titans and having Taylor Swift try to act. There have been some big flops and big successes, but how much of those successes were actually deserving?

Now, even the worst year for the box-office has produced some gems. 1996 gave us Fargo, Jerry Maguire, and the blockbuster Independence Day. Surely, 2010 has brought us some good movies, but which ones will actually stand the ultimate test…time? I have constantly said that a movie is good if it has people still loving it after ten years and is still gathering fans. Many films have stood the test of time and are still being hailed as some of the best, such as Jaws and ‘The Godfather. It’s hard to decide which movies will stand the test of time nowadays. Hell, it’s hard to predict which movie will become successful. There have been movies that were flops in the box office only to become some of the biggest hits after being released on DVD. Who would have thought Fight Club or The Boondock Saints would develop such reputations?

What were some of the best films of 2010? Critics everywhere agree it’s The Social Network, the movie about the founding of Facebook and the turmoil caused by it, however some people say it won’t survive the test of time. Peter Travers of Rolling Stone said it “defined the decade”, but viewers say otherwise. While Facebook is currently the biggest thing to hit the internet, the main reason it wouldn’t last so long is because there could always be something that will take its place. Facebook may not exist by the time we’re forty. However, also take into account Citizen Kane; that movie was about a newspaper mogul. If print is supposedly a dying breed, then why is this movie still around? Granted, newspapers have been around long after the film came out, but the point is not the subject matter but the story. It’s the idea of being overambitious and losing track of what’s really important.

A movie some say will stand the test of time is Inception. I admit, it was a pretty awesome movie with some really cool special effects and an ingenious idea, but is this what the times have become, solely special-effect oriented? Movies like Independence Day and Jurassic Park have been remembered mostly for their effects than they do their actual story. Even Tron and Avatar have been remembered mainly for their effects than they do their story. Back in the sixties, some of the greatest movies were more script-conscious and relied solely on acting, and those movies never appeared dated. Films such as A Streetcar Named Desire and The Godfather never had special effects, and they’re still being heralded to this day.

Jaws, on the other hand, did rely on an animatronic shark that today does seem a bit obvious, but still it is good movie mainly for the buildup, story and lines. Effects change every decade; there are more and more advancements that make even the most ridiculous seem possible. I admit, decent special effects can really take a movie a long way, but it’s not the only thing that can make a movie good. There are movies that rank among the highest-grossing, but about half of them really don’t deserve it. 2012? Star Wars Episode II? Are we really just suckers for the visuals?

I’m probably one of the few people who didn’t think Transformers was that good of a movie or thought Avatar was enjoyable, but who am I to judge?

Honestly, while I do think Inception has a chance to last, I don’t think we should count out The Social Network. Granted almost all of the Best Picture Oscar winners are forgotten, but I still think that Facebook has made enough of an impact that’ll keep this movie alive. I also think that Toy Story 3 has a chance of surviving the test of time not because it’s a Toy Story movie but brought out a wonderful ending to the franchise. It was a movie that connected to younger viewers but also maintained the connection with those who grew up with the franchise, so it has the potential of being one of those “pass-down” films.

So will there be movies in 2010 that will last, or was it truly the worst year for films?


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