Hear Me Out Before You Shut Me Out

Ke$ha’s “Blow”…Blows

Welcome to my first music review on “The O Stage”, and I decided to do this because I saw something that I wanted to address. Let me start off by saying this: I am not a Ke$ha fan at any extent. Her music is annoying, the Auto-Tune is just turning into a gimmick that proves she can’t sing, and her lyrics are just terrible. I also don’t really care about how every song is about dancing at clubs and getting some, which are two things that I don’t necessarily need to hear outside of the club, such as in a car driving to the grocery store. However, some of her songs I admit have become somewhat of guilty pleasures from “We R Who We R” to “Sleazy” (which has every reason for me to hate it, and oddly enough I don’t).

Then I heard her latest single “Blow”, which is another song about having fun in the club and just losing control. The lyrics have poor grammar such as “this place about to blow”, but it’s harmless enough.

Then I saw the video.

What is wrong with the world? The video is just completely random and has very little, if anything at all, to do with the song. How so? Just listen.

The video puts Ke$ha in another club but this time with people with unicorn heads, one of which she gives an open-mouth kiss. She’s dancing around the club with all these uni-fawns trying to act sexy like she normally does. She then comes across something odd…James Van Der Beek. She then proceeds to remove her bra in front of him, and-vice versa? The video winds down with the two in the middle of a gun fight shooting paintballs, even killing some of the uni-fawns. Van Der Beek loses and calls for a truce, but Ke$ha kills him and puts his head on the wall.

I have a lot of questions to ask about this video, and almost every one begins with “Why?” Such examples are: Why people with unicorn heads? Why have James Van Der Beek remove a bra from HIS shirt? Why a gun fight between James Van Der Beek? Now I have a couple of “what?”s. What was the point of the video? What correlation does this video have with the song? Please don’t tell me to be radical and new. If that’s the reason why you threw all of this into a video of a song about dancing in a club, then the song must not be that original. Unfortunately, that is the case.

Let me go back to some of the best videos: “Thriller” by Michael Jackson had MJ dancing with zombies. That made at least some sense with the song because it’s about that which scares you. “Money For Nothing” made sense because it dealt with musicians getting fame and fortune without putting much of an effort while blue-collar workers have to bust their ass to make a dime. What do unicorn-men and shooting guns have to do with dancing? If anything, throw in some explosion references such as people exploding or the club falling apart as people are dancing. At least that would make sense to a song called “Blow”.

In short: Blow is a harmless, unoriginal song from the rest of Ke$ha’s material that is further complemented with a video that makes no sense and is just silly. All this is to further make Ke$ha the life of the party; which one I don’t know.


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