Hear Me Out Before You Shut Me Out

Full House Introduction

As a critic, it is my duty to look at movies and judge them according to taste and preference. Having said that, there are a good number of movies that I like that other people don’t and vice versa. As a movie-lover, I constantly wonder what exactly makes a good movie? What do audiences want in a movie, and what turns them off? The gap between critics and audiences is wide at times because there are movies that critics love and audiences don’t as well as audiences love and critics don’t. Usually, they match, but audiences will vary. Despite the varying opinions of some people, certain formulas never seem to fail because lots of movies use these formulas and attract large amounts of audiences.

This is why I am beginning a section called Full House: Analyzing What Audiences Love. I will state different elements of movies that are very successful and gain a lot of audience approval afterwards. I will start the first part later on this week and continue as I develop  them. Until then, be prepared.


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